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Compass Analytics Announces CompassPPE™: Industry First Capital Markets Centric Product, Pricing and Eligibility Engine

SAN FRANCISCO, treat CA–(Marketwired – July 26, ambulance 2016) – Compass Analytics, shop LLC, a leading provider of pricing, valuation, interest rate risk management, and workflow automation solutions to the mortgage industry, announced today the offering of CompassPPE™ (formerly known as LenderHub™) – an enterprise level product, pricing, and eligibility engine (PPE).

CompassPPE™ (CPPE) is a comprehensive, contemporary product and pricing engine designed for flexibility and ease of use with robust capital markets capabilities that enable lending institutions of all sizes to offer a point-of-sale PPE to their correspondent, wholesale, and retail origination channels. CPPE empowers originators and lock desk personnel with a streamlined lock and relock workflow that combines mobile access, automation, historical pricing, LOS integration, and optional integration to Compass Analytics’ risk management solution, CompassPoint™. Capital markets groups can now comfortably enable automated locking, relocking and extensions, and utilize originator performance reporting to implement dynamic and granular control of profit margins and mortgage servicing rights (MSR) values. Additionally, CPPE is the first PPE in the industry to offer a comprehensive application programming interface (API) that allows all core PPE functions and PPE integrations to be leveraged programmatically from within a client’s proprietary user interface and best online viagra system.

Compass Analytics has established investor relations, accuracy, support, flexibility, and capital markets control as the hallmarks of its PPE solution, as the company feels that other providers have lost this targeted focus. “After watching the industry struggle for years with pricing and margin accuracy, and secondary workflow automation, Compass Analytics felt compelled to offer a better solution,” says Rob Kessel, Managing Partner at Compass Analytics. CPPE’s cutting-edge technology, experienced staff, and comprehensive investor library have Compass Analytics well positioned to disrupt the status quo of the PPE space.

The latest version of CPPE launches this month; contact Wes Horbatuck at or visit us online at to schedule a demo or a meeting at an upcoming industry conference.

About Compass Analytics, LLC
Compass Analytics provides pricing, valuation, interest rate risk management and workflow automation solutions to the mortgage industry. Compass licenses its suite of analytics and technology solutions, CompassPoint™ and CompassPPE™, to mortgage originators, servicers, traders, investors and secondary marketing departments in order to price, originate, value, hedge and sell loans and servicing rights. In addition to licensing its solutions, Compass uses CompassPoint™ internally to provide key capital markets support as well as outsource hedge execution and loan sales services, drawing on Compass’considerable expertise and access to market color.

Compass has offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City. For more information, find Compass on the web at

Compass Analytics Announces Industry’s First Whole Loan and MSR Pricing and Pipeline Risk Web Services

San Francisco, seek CA-(September 22, health 2014) – Compass Analytics, LLC (Compass) announced last Thursday at the annual User Conference in San Francisco the release of its whole loan, MSR and agency best execution pricing and pipeline risk web services. To date, pipeline risk, whole loan and MSR portfolio risk systems have worked off of batch processes of entire pipelines or portfolios. With this new release, Compass’s analytics solution, CompassPoint™, will be available on a transactional basis and be callable from most applications across the internet. Compass clients and their third party vendors will now be able to integrate and access CompassPoint™s library of pricing and risk functions such as MSR value, whole loan value, structured cash flow value, agency best execution pricing, rate sheet pricing, investor eligibility and fair market and gain/loss values, from within their own applications on a loan-level, on-demand basis. The web services will bring full cash flow model functionality including prepayment, credit and term structure models to transactional calls. The web services calls are also available to clients to use from Excel. “We are very excited about the integration opportunities and improved pricing the web services will provide to our clients”, said Rob Kessel, Managing Partner of Compass Analytics. “Compass anticipates its clients will implement the web services for more real time risk management and secondary operations as well as loan-level pricing and rate sheet calls for MSR, whole loan, Non-QM and other structured cash flow pricing,” added Rob Kessel.

About Compass Analytics, LLC Compass Analytics, with offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City provides valuation, hedging and accounting solutions to mortgage originators, bankers, servicers, investors and secondary marketing departments. Compass provides its pipeline customers the necessary tools and counsel to increase profits including best execution, rate sheet, margin, pooling, investor file creation, hedge selection, accounting, and purchase advise reconciliation tools. Compass’s servicing (MSR) valuation tools are integrated into its pipeline tools to enable full best execution analysis including MSR retain/release, cash/MBS, and specified pool best execution. Compass clients also use Compass’s whole loan and MSR tools to value, hedge and generate accounting entries for their loan portfolios as well as gaining a much greater understanding of the drivers of whole loan and MSR values and risk. In addition to licensing its analytics, Compass uses its analytics internally to provide outsource hedge execution services, drawing on Compass’s considerable expertise and access to market color. For more information on Compass, find Compass on the web at or contact Sarah Slagle, 415-462-7500,