Compass Analytics provides the first ever transaction based web service for pricing and risk functions, valuation, eligibility, and gain/loss values. Compass Web Services™ (CWS) and the CompassPPE™ API enable Lending Institutions, Aggregators, and Third Party vendors to leverage our suite of functions and analytics to provide real time risk management in their own applications on a loan-level, on-demand basis.

Web Services & API

Pricing & Risk Functions
  • Cash Flow Model Functionality
  • Prepayment Models
  • Credit Models
  • Term Structure Models
  • Agency Best Execution Pricing
  • Rate Sheet Pricing
  • Investor Eligibility
  • Fair Market
Loan Level Valuations
  • No batch processing
  • Loan Level
  • On-Demand
  • MSR value
  • Whole Loan Value
  • Structured Cash Flow Value
  • Gain/Loss Values
Product & Pricing
  • Call LenderHub PPE
  • Front-End Ratesheet Pricing
  • Tiered Pricing & Eligibility
  • Platform Independent
  • LLPA & Guideline Customization
Investor Eligibility
  • Loan Level
  • On-Demand
  • Pipeline Eligibility
  • Mini-Bulk Processing