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Compass Analytics Enhances Bid Management Automation for Investors and order canada levitra online drugs Sellers

Compass Analytics broadens its suite of investor and seller tools to further support the efficient and secure transfer of bid data in the loan sale process. Additionally, significant improvements have been introduced to further automate the process of selling loans within their CompassBid™ bulk sales management tool.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, December 11, 2017 – Compass Analytics, an industry-leading financial technology provider, announced the release of exciting new features in CompassDirect™ and CompassBid™ bulk sales management tool.

Continuing to leverage its position as an industry leader in providing tools and analytics to both the investor and seller community, Compass Analytics has added multiple new features to Compass Direct™, its investor portal, and CompassBid™, its automated bulk sales tool pricing over $40B in monthly loan volume. This release is headlined by Compass’s secure Bid Management system, which allows investors to download and buy levitra no prescription upload bids via CompassDirect™. Additionally, Compass is introducing an optional API that will allow investors to further simplify the receipt and exchange of loan-level bid information more securely and efficiently, without disrupting existing workflows. CompassBid™ continues to expand upon its automated bid load and best execution functionality to include the commitment confirmation process for select investors as well as more powerful features to improve the loan sale process. These enhancements augment an already robust feature set:

• For sellers using CompassBid™:

  • Automated loading of investor bids
  • Market calibration for all bids
  • Full best execution including AOT and retained executions
  • Pooling optimization algorithms to efficiently solve for specified pay-ups and optimal high-balance percentages
  • Direct integration with Fannie Mae’s PE – Whole Loan commitment application
  • LOS integration for commitment write back

• For Investors using CompassDirect™:

  • Automated loading of bid tapes
  • Full pricing and eligibility
  • Granular margin capabilities
  • The ability to create commitments directly into LOS
  • Program in CRA axes for application across the Compass client base
  • Investor best execution and color reporting

About Compass Analytics, LLC

Compass Analytics is an innovator in the FinTech industry and a leading provider of pricing technology to lenders. We develop cutting-edge analytics and offer advisory and active risk management services to mortgage bankers, traders, investors, and banks. Our platform is revolutionizing the way home loans are formed and sold through the use of innovative real-time technology that we support with services, expertise, and guidance. Compass’s suite of tools includes CompassPoint™, CompassPPE™, CompassBid™, CompassDirect™, and CompassCommit™.

Compass has offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Irvine.

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Marcie Bartlett
Marketing Communication Manager
Compass Analytics

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