Compass Analytics Announces Mini-Bulk Trading Platform Updates & Outsourced Whole Loan Trading Services

SAN FRANCISCO, page CA–(Marketwired – March 16, 2017) – Compass Analytics, LLC, (“Compass”) a leading provider of pricing, valuation, interest rate risk management, and workflow automation solutions to the mortgage industry, announced today the first fully web-enabled version of its mini-bulk trading platform (“CompassBid™”) for sellers. The website is now available as a standalone offering and generic viagra uk is further supported with optional outsourced Whole Loan Trading Services.

CompassBid™ provides sellers full bid automation including investor eligibility and pricing, sellers’ full range of executions, data file normalization and encryption, market spots, full bid transparency and reporting, purchase advice reconciliation, integration to risk management and LOS systems, and other trading best practices to provide comprehensive best execution. The new sell-side web version is accompanied by further enhancements to mini-bulk buy-side capabilities, which both work in tandem with Compass’ industry leading CompassPoint™ loan sales, pooling and risk management capabilities.

“Our CompassBid™ distributed platform connects buyers and sellers without funneling all traffic through a central exchange, or requiring both parties adopt our product offerings,” said Mike Duncan, Managing Director of Business Development. “The participants who adopt our solutions, be it on the buy or sell side, can significantly enhance automation, scale, transparency and execution.”

CompassBid™ also offers investors an automated bidding solution to deploy granular margin, pricing, eligibility, and pricing strategies in an extremely competitive and fast-paced bulk bidding marketplace. Backed by industry leading reporting and price tadalafil 25mg online analytics, CompassBid™ buy-side clients can leverage loan level bid history data to develop improved bidding strategies. CompassBid™ is now evaluating over twenty billion of collateral on a monthly basis.

Additionally, Compass is now offering outsourced trading of whole loans for those lenders who want a fully transparent trading platform with support and guidance from experienced Compass traders to execute with best practices. Participating lenders benefit from Compass Analytics’ full range of execution analytics and considerable trading experience. Clients receive reports detailing inputs used in deriving best execution, allowing for actionable color to be provided to investors. “Whole loan trading services free up valuable client resources while giving clients the confidence of knowing exactly how and why loan sale decisions were made,” said James Baublitz, Product Manager of Pipeline Analytics.

About Compass Analytics, LLC
Compass Analytics provides pricing, valuation, interest rate risk management, and workflow automation solutions to the mortgage industry. Compass licenses its suite of analytics and technology solutions, CompassPoint™ and CompassPPE™, to mortgage originators, servicers, traders, investors and secondary marketing departments in order to price, originate, value, hedge and sell loans and servicing rights. In addition to licensing its solutions, Compass uses CompassPoint™ internally to provide key capital markets support as well as outsource hedge execution and loan sales services, drawing on Compass’ considerable expertise and access to market color.