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We hope you had a great experience at the conference, and we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Compass Analytics, CompassPPE™, and how we can help your business.

CompassPPE™ (CPPE) is a comprehensive, contemporary product and pricing engine designed for flexibility and cheapest viagra without prescription ease of use with robust capital markets capabilities that enable lending institutions of all sizes to offer a point-of-sale PPE to their correspondent, wholesale, and retail origination channels. CPPE empowers originators and lock desk personnel with a streamlined lock and relock workflow that combines mobile access, automation, historical pricing, LOS integration, and optional integration to Compass Analytics’ risk management solution, CompassPoint™.

Capital markets groups can now comfortably enable automated locking, relocking and extensions, and utilize originator performance reporting to implement dynamic and granular control of profit margins and mortgage servicing rights (MSR) values. Additionally, CPPE is the first PPE in the industry to offer a comprehensive application programming interface (API) that allows all core PPE functions and PPE integrations to be leveraged programmatically from within a client’s proprietary user interface and system.

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CompassPPE™ Enterprise Product & Pricing Engine (PPE)

Pricing & Eligibility

CompassPPE™ allows for extensive Pricing & Eligibility tools:

    • Automated Investor Price Feeds
    • Default or Custom Loan Level Price Adjustment (LLPA) Management
    • Default or Custom Guideline Eligibility Rules Engine
    • Company/Seller/User Specific Guideline Rules
    • Total Loan Officer Compensation Management
    • Extensive Profitability Management
    • Cutomizable Private Label Originator Facing Ratepages
    • Originator Pipeline Management
    • Market Movement Price Manipulation
Total Product Management

CompassPPE™ enables extensive Product Management:

    • Best Effort Price and/or CompassPoint™ Hedge Price Enablement
    • Create Blended Price Programs
    • SRP or MSR Premium Sources
    • Market Threshold Publish Rules
    • Product Specific Pricing Variables
    • Market Movement Price Manipulation
Lock Desk Automation

Let CompassPPE™ do the heavy lifting for your Lock Desk and Capital Markets team:

    • AutoLocking directly into CompassPoint™ client file
    • Trigger based Hedge Pricing updates
    • Confirm lock requests directly with originators
    • Program level lock confirmations vs requests
    • Lock request confirmations & notifications
    • Publishable ratesheet creation in Excel
Robust Connectivity

CompassPPE™ streamlines workflow with multiple connection methods:

    • Live Excel workbook price updates
    • CompassPoint™ Integration
    • LOS Integrations
    • Pipeline Management