Compass Analytics, LLC – Founded 2003

Compass Analytics is an innovator in the FinTech industry and cheap vardenafil pills a leading provider of pricing technology to lenders. We develop cutting-edge analytics and offer advisory and active risk management services to mortgage bankers, traders, investors, and banks. Our platform is revolutionizing the way home loans are formed and sold through the use of innovative real-time technology that we support with services, expertise, and guidance.

Compass has offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Here at Compass Analytics, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the mortgage industry by continuously innovating our technology to bring our customers new and useful tools, functionality and value to their business model.

Management Team

Rob Kessel

Managing Partner

Mr. Rob Kessel co-founded Compass Analytics, LLC in 2003 as Managing Partner. Mr. Kessel heads Compass‘s Business Development, Marketing and Product Development roles. Prior to co-founding Compass Analytics, LLC, Mr. Kessel was Managing Director of, dba Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC) where he co-developed MIAC’s pipeline risk management solution, MarketShield™ and implemented and lasix 100mg managed MIAC’s Hedge Advisory program.

Prior to his association with Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation, Mr. Kessel was Senior Vice President, Risk Management Services, for Tuttle Decision Systems, Inc. Mr. Kessel directed day-to-day risk management activities, including trading, research, performance reporting, product design, and trade clearing operations. He was responsible for all risk management relationships and the suite of secondary marketing software and models that included pipeline risk management, price distribution and locking, rate shock, trade management, best execution and mortgage servicing risk evaluation technologies.

Prior to his association with Tuttle Decision Systems, Inc., Mr. Kessel was a Senior Vice President at Citizens National Mortgage Corp. in San Diego, California, where he directed risk management, secondary marketing and information technology. He has over fifteen years experience managing mortgage banking operations.

Mr. Kessel holds a BS degree in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Marc Felisky

Managing Partner

Mr. Marc K. Felisky co-founded Compass Analytics, LLC in 2003 as Managing Partner. Mr. Felisky heads Compass‘s Development and Financial Engineering roles. Prior to co-founding Compass, Mr. Felisky was Managing Director of, dba Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC). Mr. Felisky joined MIAC in 1993 to contribute to the effort to develop a general-purpose cash flow analytical framework. This project was primarily oriented towards Option-Adjusted-Spread (OAS) analysis of servicing cashflows and optimizing structures for the hedging of servicing. Subsequently, Mr. Felisky was instrumental in developing cash flow, prepayment and OAS models for MIAC’s analytics. In 1999, Mr. Felisky initiated development on MIAC’s pipeline risk management solution, MarketShield™.

Mr. Felisky graduated with a Bachelors of Science/Electrical Engineering (cum laude) from University of California at San Diego and then went on to earn a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology. While in graduate school, he was co-author on nine journal and conference papers, and the title of his thesis was "Modulation of Semiconductor Laser Arrays Past the Relaxation Oscillation."

Glen Brown

Managing Partner

Mr. Glen Brown co-founded Compass Analytics, LLC in 2003 as Managing Partner. Mr. Brown is responsible for Account Relationships and Hedge Management. Prior to co-founding Compass, Mr. Brown was Vice President and Hedge Manager in the Pipeline Risk Management Division at dba Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC). Mr. Brown provided daily conference calls, consultation, position generation and evaluation and hedge execution for MIAC’s Hedge Advisory and MarketShield™ customers.

Prior to his association with Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation, Mr. Brown was Director, Operations for Ignition Mortgage Technologies, Inc. Mr. Brown was responsible for all IT operations and technical support supporting Ignition‘s pipeline risk, allocation and rate distribution and locking technologies. Mr. Brown was also a member of Ignition’s senior management team responsible for interfacing with Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Prior to his association with Ignition Mortgage Technology, Inc., Mr. Brown served as Vice President, Secondary Marketing at Citizens National Mortgage Corp. in San Diego, California, where he directed secondary marketing operations including pricing, loan sales, hedging and originator and investor relationships.

Mr. Brown holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.

Sern Clementson

Managing Partner

Mr. Sern Clementson joined Compass Analytics, LLC as a Managing Partner in November, 2007. Mr. Clementson is responsible for managing the trade desk and trading operations functions.

Prior to joining Compass, Mr. Clementson served as the President of Tuttle Risk Management, LLC. Mr. Clementson first joined Tuttle in 1993 as an Account Manager. During his long career with Tuttle, Mr. Clementson served in a number of key rolls within the organization. However as President, along with his managerial duties, Mr. Clementson was primarily responsible for the daily hedging activities for some of Tuttle’s largest hedging clients.

Mr. Clementson left Tuttle for a brief period in 1998, during which time he served as the Secondary Marketing Manager for Pacific Guarantee Mortgage. While at Pacific Guarantee, Mr. Clementson managed the rate lock desk, shipping, post closing, and warehouse functions. In mid-1999, Mr. Clementson returned to Tuttle as a Senior Account Manager reporting to Mr. Rob Kessel.

Prior to joining Tuttle in 1993, he served as Vice President, Capital Markets, for 1st Nationwide Bank in San Francisco, California, where he was in charge of hedging 1st Nationwide’s mortgage pipeline.

Mr. Clementson holds a BA degree from San Francisco State University with concentrations in Finance and Real Estate.