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CompassPPE™ keeps originators ahead of the market with the most intuitive user interface, mobile-responsive pricing and lock desk technology.  Compass technology delivers efficient product management, pipeline transparency, dynamic margins, the best in best-ex pricing, plus exception workflow and lock automation – providing a more digital mortgage experience for sales managers, loan officers and consumers.  Whether stand-alone or fully-integrated with CompassPoint™, the industry’s leading pipeline risk management platform, CompassPPE™ empowers secondary marketing teams to be more responsive, supporting sales in consistently delivering competitive products at the best price. 

Drawing on CompassPPE™ technology, CompassCapture™ provides loan- or lead-specific analytics to help retail, consumer direct, or retention sales people to attract and close more deals.

Compass offers best in class risk analytics, hedging and trading tools … to support everything from AOT to co-issue, true best-ex for servicing (loan-level MSR vs. SRP) and simplified workflows – delivering a robust, end-to-end solution for lenders of all sizes.  

From pricing to investor funding, Compass provides all the tools capital markets professionals need to manage pipeline risk, orchestrate trading and achieve best execution.  

Compass solutions provide the market intelligence investors need to quickly and efficiently bid and buy the right loans at the right price.  Whether trading individual loans, pools, or bidding in the mini-bulk market, Compass investor tools enable unparalleled control of products and pricing, shadow bidding to help grow market share, comprehensive bid color, and support for niche markets like non-QM and CRA lending.   


Compass offers the industry’s most robust MSR valuation model that is employed by servicers to value over  95% of conventional and government servicing assets in the market today.  Analysts can utilize multiple assumption sets to value portfolios on a loan or aggregate level, using static or OAS valuations. The analytics provide loan-level adjusters to all valuation models and include integration to industry standard prepayment models.

When value is at risk, CompassCapture identifies loans or leads that are at risk of trading away or being pursued by other lenders.  CompassCapture℠ provides rigorous analysis that helps sales teams by applying the CompassPoint modeling and pricing engine capabilities to evaluate all loan scenarios.